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Expect: a lot of questions, to be inspired and

for things to get done!



Hi, I'm Maryanne! I'm a blockchain technologist at the intersection of finance and digital transformation. I focus on modernization and innovation in capital markets. I am the Chairman, CEO and Founder of 9th Gear Technologies, the only B2B marketplace that powers real-time settlement in financial markets.

Through my speaking engagements, I share insights on the impact of distributed ledger technology (DLT), which is often referred to as blockchain, on institutional finance. I believe settlement risk is unnecessary.

As a sought-after global speaker, I am often invited to keynote events at top industry trade groups and engage with a worldwide audience at conferences. Some of my recent appearances have included Horasis, TradeTech FX, Global Blockchain Conference, Money 20/20, and MWC Barcelona.

NEW PROJECT:  I have recently started a new venture called Apéritif Rocks bringing you CRAFT Cocktails; Curated. As a one-stop-shop for recipes, inspiration and recommendations, elevating your mixology is my mission. Starting with the basics and only 3 ingredient, perfection does not need to be complicated. Join me on this journey by visiting: Aperitif.Rocks.

Maryanne Morrow

Maryanne Morrow is a leader for the new technology age. Key learnings - be bold, be responsive, never accept “NO” and get shit done. Maryanne is an unforgiving badass.

Mike Schwede

Entrepreneur, Digital Strategist, Lecturer, Speaker

Maryanne Morrow is an insightful game-changer, outstanding entrepreneur, and leader transforming the digital/blockchain ecosystem.

Lynne Marlor

Chair, Boston Blockchain Association, Executive in Residence, Global Blockchain Business Council, Global Speaker, Blockchain and Crypto Evangelist, Transformational Specialist

Brilliant presentation!

Owen Peery

Territorial Bank of America Samoa, after watching Maryanne's presentation at

Mastercard's Digital Safari

Maryanne Morrow offered an honest snapshot into the life of a Silicon Valley tech leader. From waking up at 4 AM to her to-the-point style of speaking, she was a great guest speaker. It made me think about how many different kinds of niche opportunities there are in the Fintech world and how hopping on this trend now while it’s growing could lead to a very lucrative future business.

Fintech and Financial Innovation Student 

Northeastern University

Keynote Speaker

  • North American Regional Banks FX Forum

  • Mastercard's Digital Safari: Digital Transformation, 3 occasions

  • San Francisco Treasury Measurement Association: Building Bridges with Treasury Professionals

  • Case Western Reserve University School of Law: Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence in Compliance Guest Lecture


  • FX Week USA 

  • Mobile World Congress Los Angeles: Moderated 4 hour long sessions

  • FX Markets USA 2021: Settlement Risk Panel

  • Draper University: Blockchain Intensive Course

  • MWC19 Barcelona: Blockchain--Touchpoint vs Trustpoint



  • Money20/20 - Amsterdam (Top 10 Finalist)

  • Barlow Research (won the Monarch Award)

  • Global Open Finance Challenge (Won)

  • TradeTech TX (Top 3 Finalist)



  • Brian McMahon Expert Dojo Podcast

  • AFP Chicago

  • FX Week Europe

  • Around the Coin

  • Bank on It

  • Superhuman Project

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